Commercial Services

Our teams work throughout the UK on a variety of commercial projects


Residential standard on a commercial scale

Excel in crafting, supplying, and producing specialized architectural precast, natural stone, and GRC facades. From initial design to expedited construction, our one-stop-shop approach guarantees tailored consultancy services and a turnkey solution for your commercial project. No project is beyond our capabilities in terms of size.

At McCormick Construction Consultancy, our commitment to excellence extends seamlessly into the commercial realm, where we excel in crafting, supplying, and producing specialized architectural precast, natural stone, and GRC facades. Our comprehensive services encompass a one-stop-shop approach, overseeing the entire procurement process and providing tailored consultancy services aligned with your commercial project needs.

Engaging us during the project’s initial design phases allows us to collaborate strategically, devising intelligent solutions that guarantee expedited construction, transparent cost modeling, and expert advice on product suitability. We understand the unique challenges of commercial projects and leverage our experience to deliver innovative solutions that meet your objectives.

What We Offer

Large-Scale Installation Projects

Our expertise extends to the successful completion of large-scale installation projects, with no project being beyond our capabilities in terms of size. We have a proven track record of executing complex commercial projects, delivering exceptional results that align with the highest industry standards.

Innovation in Commercial Construction

In a rapidly evolving commercial construction landscape, innovation is crucial. McCormick Construction Consultancy prides itself on staying at the forefront of industry trends and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Our team continuously seeks innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of commercial projects, ensuring that every development benefits from the latest advancements in construction and design.

Industry Recognition and Awards

Our dedication to excellence and innovative solutions has earned McCormick Construction Consultancy industry recognition and prestigious awards. These accolades underscore our position as a leader in delivering quality and innovative solutions in the commercial construction sector.

Our Commercial Projects

Argyl House

Beam Park


Great Bridge Street, Manchester

Kings Cross, London

Newman Hotel, London

Wimpole Str.