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McCormick Construction Consultancy Ltd

We operate across the UK

Design stage and project conception

From the very conception of an idea, our experienced team can help guide the project in the right direction. We work together closely with planners and architects to ensure a scheme or design not only fulfils your expectations but far outperforms your hopes and dreams. With vast knowledge and experience, we can provide sympathetic designs that work for not only you and your home but also the local environment too. Speak to our friendly team today, and no matter how far into the development process you already are, we will be happy to guide and advise you the rest of the way.

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Start to finish new build

With a vast amount of experience in the high-end residential development sector, your new home has been in safe hands since the day plans were first laid. Our experienced team has worked tirelessly to ensure each site is given careful consideration and the result is the perfect home, not simply another house. Careful consideration has gone into every home's planning, design, and construction, which is evident in the finer details displayed throughout each build. Our contractors are hand-picked for their reputation and skill and then supervised and managed by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

Interior design and show homes

Whether it's a show home or a client request, we can furnish and decorate your new home to the highest of standards. We have worked closely with some of the most instantly recognisable names in interior design to create unique yet usable features and spaces. From high-end fixtures and fittings, right through to whole furnished schemes, we can add the flourish of finishing touches that turns any house into a welcoming home. Our ethos is a splendid design in harmony with usability and practicality—a synergy that makes for the ideal yet individual home.

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Landscape design

Landscaping is often the final item to be addressed in any project, and this does not mean it’s to be rushed or overlooked. At McCormick Construction Consultancy, we give full consideration to creating beautiful, practical and usable outdoor spaces through our network of skilled and talented landscape architects and contractors. From simple and easily maintained lawns to complex water gardens, we can work with our clients to transform any outdoor space into a truly magnificent area for relaxation and appreciation of the great outdoors.

For bespoke residential development from McCormick Construction Consultancy, contact us at and speak to a consultant in our Berkshire office.