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Design stage and project conception

Starting from the earliest stages of conceptualisation, our seasoned team is poised to steer your project in the optimal direction. We collaborate closely with planners and architects to ensure that the scheme or design not only meets your expectations but also exceeds your wildest aspirations. With extensive expertise and experience, we are capable of offering thoughtful designs that not only cater to your needs and your home but also harmonise with the local environment. Feel free to reach out to our approachable team today, regardless of where you are in the development process. We're here to offer guidance and advice every step of the way.

Start to finish new build

Drawing from a wealth of experience in the luxury residential development industry, your new home has been entrusted to capable hands from the very inception of its plans. Our proficient team has diligently worked to guarantee that each site is meticulously evaluated, resulting in homes that are more than mere houses; they are perfected residences. Every home's planning, design, and construction have been subject to thorough deliberation, evident in the meticulous attention to detail evident in each build. We meticulously select contractors for their outstanding reputation and expertise, and our experienced and knowledgeable team oversees and manages them throughout the process.

Interior design and show homes

Whether it's for a showcase home or at the request of a client, we have the capability to furnish and decorate your new home to the utmost standards of excellence. Our collaborations with some of the most renowned names in interior design have allowed us to craft distinctive and functional features and spaces. From top-tier fixtures and fittings to complete furnished concepts, we possess the ability to add those final, enhancing details that transform any house into a warm and inviting home. Our guiding principle is the fusion of splendid design with usability and practicality, creating a harmonious blend that results in the perfect yet distinctive home.

Landscape design

Landscaping is frequently the last aspect to be addressed in any project, but that doesn't mean it should be hurried or neglected. At McCormick Construction Consultancy, we prioritise the creation of exquisite, functional, and usable outdoor spaces. This is made possible through our extensive network of proficient and skilled landscape architects and contractors. Whether it's the creation of simple, low-maintenance lawns or intricate water gardens, we collaborate with our clients to turn any outdoor area into a truly splendid space for relaxation and a deep appreciation of the natural surroundings.

To inquire about personalised residential development services from McCormick Construction Consultancy, please reach out to us at or get in touch with one of our consultants at our Berkshire office